About Us

Bear Mountain Physical Therapy is an out-patient physical therapist-owned practice. 

All of our physical therapists are New York State licensed. 

We are manually oriented and emphasize one-to-one treatment sessions with the physical therapist. 


We are skilled in treatment of sports injuries, injuries related to postural and overuse dysfunctions, and post-operative rehabilitation as well as treatment of work and motor-vehicle accident related injuries. 

We are skilled with treatment of acute and chronic pain; we treat children and adults.

We are an established business that has been in the community since 1999. 

We live within the community that we work and we pride ourselves with our

community loyalty and are active supporters of community events and fundraisers.

Our History

Michael and Nancy became partners based on their common goal of forming a practice that focused on manual orthopedic physical therapy. 

They hoped to create a practice where the patient would be the priority and they would receive the individual attention that they deserve. 

Bear Mountain Physical Therapy opened its doors

for the first time in May of 1999.  

Since opening, we have grown in skill, size and experience. 

We continue to enhance and update our skills

by attending continuing education courses yearly in order to serve you better.

BMPT relocated from its original location at 24 Old Albany Post Road in Croton,

to 3153 Albany Post Road in Buchanan in 2010.

BMPT expanded its horizons in September 2013, adding an additional location

at 1 Croton Point Avenue in Croton.

We are thrilled to have been able to continue to provide quality care since 1999, and ecstatic that we have been able to expand to continue to serve you better.

Our Services

Joint mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization

Scar mobilization

Strengthening and stretching exercise

Pre and post-operative rehabilitation

Deep friction massage

Balance training

Vibration therapy


Craniosacral therapy

Balance training

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)

Myofascial release

Gait assessment and training

Back Education Training (BET)

Trigger point release

Neuromuscular reeducation

Sport-specific training

Ergonomic education

Strain Counterstrain

Neural Mobilization

Prescriptive exercise program

Postural education

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)


"I had a frozen shoulder and came to BMPT for therapy.  Everyone was very professional and understanding.  They got me back to my old self! They made me feel at ease about my injury and I trusted them completely with my rehabilitation.  It was a very positive experience and I will absolutely come back to BMPT in the future if ever needed. - Jill, 52


"They are kind and considerate, always on time and professional."


"Good teachers in body mechanics."


"I think the Bear Mountain PT staff is kind and friendly.  Every room feels as though it was laid out especially for me.  Everyone makes you feel like you've known them all your life!"


"Warm and welcoming reception personnel. Trained, knowledgeable therapists and a pleasant comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.  Programs are designed specifially for you and positive communication leaves you feeling confident you are being taken care of."


"I have been going to BMPT for back and hip pain. I have found the staff at BMPT to be very courteous, friendly, and helpful in many ways. I am now feeling better then before and know that their help is very beneficial. They not only help with physical therapy but also with finding out insurance needs and information. I'd reccomend them to anyone in need of their services. Thanks to the staff!" -Donald W. Croft Sr.


"I was very scared after having a total knee replacement and doubted that I would ever bend my knee again.  My apprehension continued as I began physical therapy at BMPT, but very soon it was completely gone.  They made me feel comfortable and optimistic that I would recover, and I have!" - Liz, 56


"Bear Mountain Physical Therapy is a warm and caring environment that revived my energy and strength.  I am so glad to have been one of their patients because of the attention I received while under the staff's care.  I feel like a new person!"


"Bear Mountain PT is conveniently located, but even though I live in the area, I didn’t know it was here until recently.  The space is quite large and has a great gym as well as several treatment rooms. Unlike other Physical Therapy locations I have visited, you are not just left in a room while your therapist moves from patient to patient. You are heard and seen and asked several times if you need anything.  The treatment is truly unique in that each person is a person, not a number, to Bear Mountain PT.  I highly recommend their services.”   Rosemary, 44


"I had my first physical therapy at Bear Mt. and found it to be very helpful.  It's a warm, caring environment with very kind, gentle and professional therapists.  I will recommend it to my family and friends." Lonie M.

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